Innovation That Empowers

Whether you have an interest to provide ancillary content or improve your current distribution channel seamlessly, the approach to ancillary distribution not only enhances your customers experience but cultivates brand awareness, opens new business opportunities and attracts business partners in a dynamic environment. Bottom line transform meaningful information and services to profits.
Triipz packages a comprehensive itinerary and a robust ancillary distribution solution with unique capabilities for the travel industry that empowers you to build, manage, distribute, promote and advertise digital merchandise campaigns and information with ease directly to travellers, whilst improving operations, driving growth and quickly adapting to changes in today's demands that gives your customers an innovative user experience by informing, interacting and servicing the traveller across all touch points of their journey.

It might be about the impression you want to leave as a company, or as simple as establishing a meaningful connection between you and your customers. Triipz will enable you to deploy rich content and help you meet your objectives by empowering travellers with immediate access to ancillary services when they need it, with true customisation anything is possible.

The growing recognition among the industry is that supplemental revenue from third-party ancillary services has become increasingly important as to significantly impact profitability, enhance passenger experience and increase customer loyalty. As travellers continue to demand more seamless travel experience, there is significant opportunity for travel operators to enhance their customers experience by cross selling ancillary content and taking advantage to deliver unlimited services and products to the always connected traveller.

We recognise that every travel organisation has a different set of challenges to solve in order to deliver a standard of personalisation whilst managing and effectively satisfying customers, we call it smart customisation as products can be managed across multiple vendors at any point of the journey from the efficiency of a single interface and it all can be achieved with a relatively low investment and a significant return of investment.

Are you ready to deliver an experience to the always connected traveller?


Empowering Tour Operators

Influencing Business Relationships

Satisfying Travellers

Targeted Campaigns & Merchandise

Offer the right service and product to the right traveller at the right time every time by facilitating services and products throughout the travellers journey effectively.

Influence Buying Behaviour

Enhance your customer experience and satisfaction levels and Inspire the traveller with travel information, option preferences and the ability not only to offer personalised information but to regulate the direction and influence buying behaviour to your preferred vendors.

Engaging in Strategic Partnerships

New distribution channels, opens new business opportunities and attracts business partners by promoting and presenting ancillary services seamlessly. As an operator it’s important to have unique characteristics that set you apart from the competition.

Who is it for?   Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, OTA'S, Wholesalers, Aggregaters, Distributors, DMC'S, Charters


Customer Satisfaction & Retention

Traveller's will ultimately have more choice of services and products, more personalisation and more transparency by providing tailor made offers throughout their journey.

Enabling the Operator

Customise content that keeps travellers informed by creating awareness and arousing curiosity for the traveller to explorer by offering add-on innovative services to expose and deliver rich ancillary content.

Share, Collaborate & Communicate

Reach travellers more effectively through a sales channel relationship building model that comprises of digital information that is specific to your business needs.


Strategic Partnerships
Distribution Channels
Customised Ancillary Services
New Marketing Channels


Digital Marketing
Multiple Destinations
Multiple Properties
Multiple Vendors


Comprehensive Itinerary
Flight Details
Any Relevant Information


Influence Buying Behaviour
Customer Experience
Rich Communication
User Experience

What we don't do..... No SMS,  No Data streaming, No Annoying Messages, No roaming Charges

What we offer.......... Revenue Stream, Smart Customisation, Seamless Customer Engagement



Triipz delivers an entirely new approach to ancillary business software. We inspire businesses by offering unprecedented flexibility solutions by helping travel operators maximise the potential of their investment in technology. We do this by developing great software and providing travel operators of premium mobile related technology specifically for the travel and tourism industry. Triipz enables the development of engaging an effective, logical and an economical solution of highly adaptable itinerary, promotional and vendor channel management tool.

Core Values & Beliefs

"To provide a tool that enables the tour operator to define their own business needs that makes sense to them."

We believe that by sticking to our core values, it’s possible to build a successful business without selling out. The best business ideas often come from business start-ups and early stages without restrictive or delaying rules and processes as great ideas can be implemented faster. Large software developing companies often lose themselves in too many areas of knowledge resulting in less focus and thus resulting in lower quality of service. Young companies radiate enthusiasm, energy and ambition. For many small firms, focus is the key differentiator as we concentrate on the client experience and turn trust into a key competitive advantage. Small is the new big.

We also believe that it's time to give control back to "you" the travel operator and it's time that "you” have the tool to deliver the best possible customer experience for "your customers" where "you, "your customers" and your "business partners" reap all the rewards and benefits. At the end of the day it's your business and no one knows your business like you do.